Thursday, 18 October 2012

This Is Why People Are Staring At You

Train station. Early morning. Your cheeks are burning. You're trying to dig your head into the bordeaux red scarf you are wearing, until only your  hairline is visible anymore. Wishing you checked yourself twice in the mirror before leaving your house in a hurry, your feet are suddenly becoming very interesting. Your mind is spinning. What. The. Hell is going on? Is my hair doing something weird today? Slowly, you raise your hand and try to smoothen it down. More heads are turning. They're not smiling, only looking at you with eyes that are checking your every move. Hurry up legs, move faster. You look up to see you almost made it into your train. Just a few more steps on your new high hee.. "Mommy! Why is that girl hugging the ground?"

People are staring at you, because..

- You're just so freaking damn gorgeous. All right, I have to admit that this isn't very likely unless your name is Miranda Kerr or Mila Kunis, but it could be possible! 
- You have something on your face. No, really, this cliche happened to me once. Okay.. Twice. Does having something between your teeth also count?
- You look like someone they know. A friends sister, a classmate, their grandma..
- You're different. I mean, you're standing out. Either way because of your clothing style, or your purple hair color. Good for you!
- You were staring at them. Unconscious (you know, that "where you're looking at?" - "Huh? Was I? Oh, wasn't actually seeing anything" -moment) or not, when you are staring at people, some people tend to give you the laser-eyes back. 
- You are doing something wrong and someone decides to throw it in your face in public. Like, my first time at the Starbucks. "A normal cafĂ© white mocha please?" - "Normal? What's normal? Do you think that I know what my costumers find normal? That I know what you are drinking? Maybe you normally drink out of buckets, I don't know!" 
- They recognize you from that security-cam video on Youtube in which you were dancing like a complete idiot. Jep, the one on the right, that's me.
- You are obviously not belonging somewhere. Think Paris Hilton at any Young Talent Awards.
- You are way too overdressed. "I thought we were going out for dinner?" - "Honey, I said we were going to eat at some place where I loved the food. I love McDonalds, remember? Don't you really know me at all?"

What can you do when this is happening to you?

When I was little, I hugged a man who wore the same coat as my dad. When I looked up and saw a beard instead of a chin, I backed away with bright red cheeks and went crying to my mum. This is my first memory of actually feeling embarrassed. Nowadays I don't cry anymore (that would be really, really awkward..) and only when people say: "Why are you becoming so red?" I'm getting red cheeks. I'm not saying I don't feel embarrassed anymore, because I do a lot, but I just care less about what other people think. 
Do you feel embarrassed very often?


I'm currently studying for the exams I have coming up next week, and my mind goes everywhere while I'm doing that. And as you can see, here is the result of it. 


  1. Leuk artikel!

  2. Hihi, wat een grappig artikel. Leuk om te lezen :D

  3. Heel erg leuk! Alleen jammer dat je in het engels schrijft, moet ik er altijd zo bij nadenken!
    Vind je blog erg leuk en ben je gaan volgen! Hopelijk neem je ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!

    1. Bedankt! En ik weet dat het niet zo vloeiend leest als in het Nederlands, maar ik probeer het zo begrijpelijk mogelijk te maken, dus niet al te moeilijke woorden, duidelijke zinsopbouw etc. Lief dat je me desondanks toch volgt :)

  4. Haha leuk artikel!
    En tof dat je ook in het Engels schrijft!


  5. Hahaha, die bij de MC! XD Lala, dikke heels on, haar perfect, make-up perfect. Aan de andere kant, waarom niet toch? :')

    1. Dat is waar, dineren bij de mac kan ook erg romantisch zijn haha :D

  6. This is a very cool post actually. I feel embarrassed pretty often for exactly the same reason. I realize people stare at me and I don't know why and I start thinking something is wrong with me..))
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. Haha wat een grappig artikel. Succes met je examens!

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  9. This is funny!! Or sometimes you think someone is staring at you but they're not!!

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  10. haha, this is a cute post! very funny.

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