Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wat te doen met oud stokbrood?

Een vers stokbrood is heerlijk, een stokbrood van een dag oud is nauwelijks weg te kauwen. Bij ons in huis blijft er altijd wel stokbrood over, en vaak wordt het maar weggegooid omdat niemand zin heeft om zijn of haar tanden erop te breken. Zonde! Want behalve de eendjes voeren, kun je er ook prima een hartige taart van maken. Hoe? Lees snel verder!

Monday, 26 November 2012

She's going Nederlands/Dutch

Dear readers,

I think you've all noticed that I didn't post anything recently. That's because I was thinking. A lot. I had this huuuge dilemma, you see. I wanted to blog in English, because I think that English is a much more beautiful language than Dutch. But, there's one thing. Youtube videos. I know I've only made three videos so far, but I've got many ideas and I keep thinking: 'I can't put Dutch vid's on my English blog'. And to me, that's a huge obstacle. Talking English in my videos isn't an option, because that will just sound plain awful. Also, 65% of my readers are Dutch. This is really a hard thing for me to do, because I will loose some dear readers of mine. I'm so sorry.

Lots of love and thank you so much for visiting my blog,

Lieve lezers,

Ik denk dat jullie allemaal wel gemerkt hebben dat ik de laatste tijd niets gepost heb. Dit was omdat ik ontzettend lang en ontzettend veel na heb moeten denken; namelijk over de richting die ik op wil met mijn blog. Ik wilde in het Engels bloggen omdat dit nu eenmaal naar mijn mening een veel mooiere taal is, maar helaas kan en wil ik geen Youtube filmpjes in het Engels opnemen. En een Engelse blog met Nederlandse filmpjes? Ik vind dat persoonlijk geen optie. Het is echt een erg moeilijke beslissing voor me, omdat ik 35% van mijn lezers zal gaan verliezen. Helaas. Nu hoop ik ook dat er misschien mensen blij zullen gaan zijn dat ik heb besloten om in het Nederlands te gaan bloggen, aangezien dit nu eenmaal veel sneller wegleest, wanneer je zelf Nederlands/Vlaams bent. Ik vind het nog steeds ongelooflijk dat zo ontzettend veel Nederlanders en Vlamingen mijn Engelse blog bezochten.

Het is echt een punt van rust voor me, nu ik eindelijk de welbekende knoop heb doorgehakt. Mijn motivatie is volledig terug, en ik zal weer gaan proberen net zoveel te bloggen als voorheen. Nog een klein voordeel is dat het veel makkelijker en sneller voor me is om een blogpost te typen in het Nederlands, dan in het Engels. Sorry voor het feit dat het maken van deze beslissing zo lang heeft moeten duren, maar ik hoop het volledig goed te gaan maken.


Thursday, 22 November 2012


Whoa, that's hot. Mmm. Better. Damn, forgot to check my phone. Wonder if he has said anything already. Cause.. That would be nice. Yeah, really nice. "Nice guys finish laaast, that's why I treat you like trash, it's not what I really want to doooohoooo..!" I really shouldn't sing. Wish I could, though. People who can sing are truly blessed. God bless America. Wonder what Obama's doing. What time is it in America? Nine hours time difference, I believe. But was it earlier or later? Mm, dunno. I really should post a new blogpost, what has gotten into me? I miss it. Maybe I'll go to Victoria's Secret and buy some products.. They're so hyped, they must be really good. This weekend we'll get paid, so maybe I'll even walk into the Sephora.. Pants or tights with a skirt? Decisions, decisions.. I'm really bad at making good decisions. Back in the days mommy used to say: "What do you want for dinner tonight? Pancakes or fries?" and I, being the greedy little kid that I was, shouted: "Both!" A normal mum would answer: "No, you have to pick one, love." My mom would say: "All right, you're getting neither one of them." Sooo.. That's one of the reasons I've always wanted to live in the America (God bless it) 'cause I figured the US-mommy's would be like: "Ah, our kid knows she still has to grow! You want a milkshake with that, honey?" Honeyloops. I'm still like that. I want both. How can I make a good decision, knowing that choosing one option rules out the other option? Like.. With my study. It's my first year as a law student, and I like it, but is this what I want?  I'm interested in sooo many things. What about economics, journalism, non-studying? Taking a year off? I want to do it all. Want to see at all. Make the most out of life. Yet, here I am. Caught in the boring rush that's called daily-life. Why not go away? Doing the things I want, getting out of the comfort zone? So what if I'm making a bad decision? I'll learn from it, and if I don't, I'll laugh about it when I'm old. I'm going to change my life. Wait.. First.. There, done. Stepping out of the comfort zone, rrrright now.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

She Likes This Youtuber: Zoella280390

Hey there! So I decided to show you my favorite Youtubers every once in a while. I really spend a lot of time on Youtube - maybe too much - and Zoe is one of those girls who always seem to be smiling. You might know her now because she did the "Would You Rather" tag with Tanya Burr (Pixi2Woo), but really, that isn't one of her best video's. I actually like her the most when she's with her brother, Joseph, who she calls Joe. Meet Zoe!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Why I Hate Fifty Shades Of Grey

Warning! Contains rude content. So if you're a really young or really sensitive person, I suggest you don't read this. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

She's DIY-ing: Always-Late-Clock

If my friends had to name one bad trait of me, it would be the she-is-always-late-thing. Because I almost always am. I know it's such a bad habit and I have to change it, but you know what they say about that; never change an old habit. Which doesn't make any sense in this case. Anyways, I wanted to make a personal clock, I wanted it to express my bad relationship with time. It was really easy and all together it costed me like eight euro's. Unless you're running late right at this moment, take your time to see how I've made it!

Friday, 9 November 2012

She's Making A Fishtail Braid

Ik heb een filmpje in het Nederlands opgenomen, over hoe je een vissengraatvlecht maakt. Ik blijf gewoon blog posts schrijven in het Engels, maar aangezien ik filmpjes maken ook erg leuk vind, moet ik een manier gaan bedenken hoe ik dit kan gaan combineren.
Vergeet niet om te kijken in 1080 HD!

I decided to do a little tutorial in Dutch, on how to make a fishtail Braid. Of course I will continue writing posts in English, so I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this in the future. Anyway, I will figure it out. :)

Enjoy/Veel Plezier!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

She's SpectaculART!

SpectaculART is the new November limited edition from Catrice. It has been a while since I bought something from Catrice's limited editions, since I didn't feel like anything was spectacular (what's in the name?) enough. But these eyeshadows immediately draw my attention, and before I knew it I was happily going home with them, along with two other products from the collection. Take a look for the swatches!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

She Got A Tattoo! + Give Away!

I decided to do my first Give Away, because.. Well, no reason. So, did I trick you with my tattoo?  It's actually a fake one, from A while ago I saw them on Cynthia's blog, and I immediately knew I had to have them. I really like tattoos, and I'm spending hours on WeHeartIt or Tumblr, searching for gorgeous pics. The reason I don't have a tattoo is quite simple; I don't know what I want! I feel like one day you just know what you want your tattoo to say, or in case of an image; what it will be. And, of course, where I want to put it. I placed this one on my forearm for example, but I like feet, shoulders and ribs also. This site was really a solution for me, they've got many great designs and it's very inexpensive! Read further for my experience with Tattly, and how you can win two tattoo's yourself!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

She's Testing Action Office & Screen Wipes

My computer screen is almost always dirty. Which is quite illogical, because it isn't a touchscreen. So why do I touch it?! No idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does it, and has lots of fingerprints on their computer screen. So when I came across these office & screen wipes from the Action, I decided to try them out.  

Here's my dirty computer. As you can see there are a lot of spots on the screen.

Then I took a cleansing wipe. The are pretty thin and dryer than I thought, so I immediately doubted the working of them.  According to the information on the package, they don't contain oil or wax. They do contain Water Reverse Osmosis (responsible for removing the spots) and Alcohol. When I cleaned my screen, my first thought was that they even made it worse, because of the stripes they left behind. But as they dried (which was quite fast) the stripes went away, and took the fingerprints with them. Hallelujah!

See! Here's my screen fully cleaned, except for the left angle above, which I forgot. But no spots! I decided to try them on my mirrors and that also worked. So yeah, these babies know how to clean!

Office & Screen Wipes, Action 0,69 euro, 40 pieces.

Monday, 5 November 2012

She Got Tagged

Sometimes, I have a bad case of Morning-After-Hangover. No, I don't mean waking up with a huge pounding in my head, vomit all over the place and a craving for water like a lost man in the desert (I prefer orange juice) but the fact that if something seemed to be a good idea one day, it doesn't mean it's still a good idea on the next one. Now I could take on heavy subjects that are live-changing, like whether to apply or not for a job, deciding to move to a different country or choosing between pizza and fries for dinner, but I won't. I'm talking about a Facebook-Hangover. 

Last thursdaynight I went out with some friends, and as always we lost each other somewhere between dancing the Macarena on the tables and the half-hourly toilet visits (although I don't know why we even bother to look into the mirror anymore, everyone's hair looks crappy after dancing to Gagnam Style). So I bumped into these two guys and we danced and talked a little, while I was searching for my friends. And then it happened. We ran out of subjects to talk about, and while I was looking into the mirrors above us (why would anyone look up when they're dancing? Is there anyone who wants to know how they look from above? 'Hey God,  how does dancing to Gagnam Style actually look from up there?') I GOT A BAD IDEA.

"Do you know what I hate the most?"


"Let's make a picture of us doing a duckface."
"Eh, okay. Let me grab my phone."


"What's your name again?"
"Thanks. I'm going to tag you and put it on Facebook. And we're going home now, I've got a exam tomorrow. Well, in three hours, exactly."
"Really? And you went out? Good luck with that! Bye!"

The next morning, while eating ham and cheese toast and checking my phone:

'You've Been Tagged!'

Oh, crap.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

She's Making A Dessert

Sunday, lazy suuunday. And what goes better with days like this than chocolate? I found this super-easy-Kinder-sort-of-icecream-recipe and I wanted to try it out. If you're a chocolate lover like me, check it out!