Wednesday, 14 November 2012

She Likes This Youtuber: Zoella280390

Hey there! So I decided to show you my favorite Youtubers every once in a while. I really spend a lot of time on Youtube - maybe too much - and Zoe is one of those girls who always seem to be smiling. You might know her now because she did the "Would You Rather" tag with Tanya Burr (Pixi2Woo), but really, that isn't one of her best video's. I actually like her the most when she's with her brother, Joseph, who she calls Joe. Meet Zoe!

I really laughed my ass off when I saw this for the first time. And second time. And tenth time. Zoe is actually pretty good at doing accents.. "Smirky bacon" "Scooby doo" "Naked" She's just so random! And this isn't her brother, by the way.

This is Zoe with her brother, just a random vlog. The "Hihihi, spycam" and Joe's reaction after that, lol. There isn't happening anything special, but I like their humor and brother-sister relation so much. And.. Alpacas. Spitting alpacas on Joe's head. Wait. That sounds like there are alpacas sitting on Joe's head, spitting. What I meant.. Oh, just watch it.

I really like how you can see they're brother and sister, they are just so similar! Basically, they aren't doing anything in particular, just random singing, fighting and laughing together. And the ending is hilarious, haha.

Joe does Zoe (ha-ha) her makeup. And hell, isn't he proud of the eyebrows.

Of course Zoe has many other video's on makeup and stuff, but I always like to get to know the person behind it. Zoella's blog is Did you know Zoella280390? And do you always only watch makeup related vid's from your beauty guru's, or also other stuff? 

PS My little Give-Away is closed, I will e-mail the winner today! :)


  1. Leuke filmpjes, vooral my brother does my make-up! Geweldig altijd.

    p.s; ik volg je!!

  2. Jaaaa, die volgde ik sinds eergisteren, echt geweldig! Dat eerste filmpje had ik voor het eerst gezien, echt superleuk :D

  3. Leuk, had haar nog niet eerder gezien. En wat heeft ze een ontzettend schattig gezichtje :d

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  6. Haha wat een leuke filmpjes!
    Leuk deze posts trouwens!
    Heb me echt kapot gelachen om dat laatste filmpje, die wenkbrauwen haha!


  7. ahhh i loveeee her! Ik vind haar videos zooo leuk!

  8. great post!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!
    kisses pretty

  9. Thanks for sharing. You come up with such great posts. They're so interesting!!