Thursday, 22 November 2012


Whoa, that's hot. Mmm. Better. Damn, forgot to check my phone. Wonder if he has said anything already. Cause.. That would be nice. Yeah, really nice. "Nice guys finish laaast, that's why I treat you like trash, it's not what I really want to doooohoooo..!" I really shouldn't sing. Wish I could, though. People who can sing are truly blessed. God bless America. Wonder what Obama's doing. What time is it in America? Nine hours time difference, I believe. But was it earlier or later? Mm, dunno. I really should post a new blogpost, what has gotten into me? I miss it. Maybe I'll go to Victoria's Secret and buy some products.. They're so hyped, they must be really good. This weekend we'll get paid, so maybe I'll even walk into the Sephora.. Pants or tights with a skirt? Decisions, decisions.. I'm really bad at making good decisions. Back in the days mommy used to say: "What do you want for dinner tonight? Pancakes or fries?" and I, being the greedy little kid that I was, shouted: "Both!" A normal mum would answer: "No, you have to pick one, love." My mom would say: "All right, you're getting neither one of them." Sooo.. That's one of the reasons I've always wanted to live in the America (God bless it) 'cause I figured the US-mommy's would be like: "Ah, our kid knows she still has to grow! You want a milkshake with that, honey?" Honeyloops. I'm still like that. I want both. How can I make a good decision, knowing that choosing one option rules out the other option? Like.. With my study. It's my first year as a law student, and I like it, but is this what I want?  I'm interested in sooo many things. What about economics, journalism, non-studying? Taking a year off? I want to do it all. Want to see at all. Make the most out of life. Yet, here I am. Caught in the boring rush that's called daily-life. Why not go away? Doing the things I want, getting out of the comfort zone? So what if I'm making a bad decision? I'll learn from it, and if I don't, I'll laugh about it when I'm old. I'm going to change my life. Wait.. First.. There, done. Stepping out of the comfort zone, rrrright now.


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