Sunday, 11 November 2012

She's DIY-ing: Always-Late-Clock

If my friends had to name one bad trait of me, it would be the she-is-always-late-thing. Because I almost always am. I know it's such a bad habit and I have to change it, but you know what they say about that; never change an old habit. Which doesn't make any sense in this case. Anyways, I wanted to make a personal clock, I wanted it to express my bad relationship with time. It was really easy and all together it costed me like eight euro's. Unless you're running late right at this moment, take your time to see how I've made it!

First, you're obviously going to need a few things.

1. Black paint that's suitable for canvas. (I used acryl paint.)
2. Something that can pass as the hands of a clock. (I got a pack of satay sticks.)
3. Brushes,  of course. 
4. Glue. Like, super super super strong glue. Although super super strong glue will also do the job. 
5. A white canvas. 

Then I chose a type font I liked and printed it. And then grabbed my scissors. Primarily school all over again. (But then it was called crafting, now we're calling it 'Do It Yourself-ing' because that sounds far more grown up and interesting.)

As you can see I painted the satay sticks black and also painted the edges of the canvas very roughly.


Then I applied the letters, but decided to paint the 't' myself, so it looks a bit more playful.

And here's the end product! I didn't use any other colors, because my room is mostly black and white. 

It was very easy to do and I think that it looks very cool in my room. A bit edgy, but playful. Do you like it? :)
Have a nice sunday, y'all!


  1. Oooh dat heb je supergaaf gedaan!

  2. Wauw, nice! haha misschien dat ik dit ook maar eens ga proberen.

  3. Echt heel erg leuk gedaan! :D


  4. Haha wat een leuk idee!
    Misschien ook wel handig voor mij om wat te relaxen als ik er achter kom dat ik allang te laat ben haha.


  5. Die is zoooooo leuk! Echt heel leuk gedaan!

  6. wow that turned out so cute!
    i will definitely have to try this out! great diy!
    love your blog!
    following you now :)
    would love if you stopped by my blog sometime and followed if you liked!