Saturday, 6 October 2012

She Is Crying Over An Audition

"Oh my God, I feel so happy for her, I could almost cry! Wait.. I am crying! Look! I've got tears in my eyes!" All right, not everyone of you would actually cry, but don't we all have those little lump in our throats when someone 'who really deserves it' passes the auditions for The X Factor or Blablabla's Got Talent? I don't know if the opposite sex has it too, but I know that me and some of my friends can get a little bit emotional when it comes to auditions. But why?

Jonathan and Charlotte, Britain's Got Talent, click here to watch 

1. We feel ashamed of ourselves
A good example for this one is the audition of Jonathan and Charlotte, although there are many "Jonathan's" in the world. It's a good example because when they came on stage, Simon Cowell says what everyone thinks: "Just when you thought that things couldn't get any worse.." You see people planting their heads in their hands, or moving to the tip of their chair with a smirk on their faces. "Look at that boy! This is going to be fun! We all can legally laugh at him, because it's his own fault for auditioning!" Jonathan acts a bit shy, the judge isn't really taking this audition serious, and the music starts. Jonathan opens his mouth, sings, stops, looks at his friend Charlotte, gathers confidence and BLOWS everyone away.
You can hear people thinking. Shit. Am I that shallow? I judged him only on his appearance. Fuck. I don't want to be a shallow person. *cries*

 2. We relate to that person
Or maybe I should say: we feel like that should have been us, standing on that stage. Someone walks on stage. He/She isn't particularly handsome nor special. Just a person, like you and me. He/She wears normal clothes, nothing fancy, maybe a pair of nice earrings. The person-next-door grabs the microphone. You're expecting a good voice, maybe a little talent. And then.. Wham! Where did that angelic sound just come from?! Why don't I have a voice like that? It's not fair! *cries*

SH'Boss Boys, America's Got Talent, click here to watch 

3. They're kids
And kids are cute. Well, most of them are. And when they're singing with their baby voices, we just can't resist them. It's nature. Like little birds chirping to their mother bird "feed me!" To be honest, I don't have this kind of issue. But there are many people with sensitive ovaries on the world so I thought that I should add this one to the list. And in case you're a mother, or maybe having a little brother or sister there can be another reason for the big lump. You're looking at that cute, polite and talented kid on the television, and then you're looking at your own child. It's an ugly, spoilt brat who doesn't have any talent, unless you call being slightly good at gaming a talent. Yeah, you wish that they just could trade places. *cries*

4. They tell a heart-breaking story

    Jillian Jensen, The X-Factor USA
Warning: waterproof mascara required

I just watched this video for the second time, and I spilled some tears (again). Crying is contagious, even with or about people you don't know at all. When people are auditioning, they are very vulnerable. Some people have a lot of confidence, but most people don't. And when they are telling their story, what they've been through to get there, you just get to really feel for them. I'm bloody serious about this one as you can tell. This point is something I would never make fun of, like the girl in the video, who has been bullied a lot. 

Anyway, I hope you liked reading this post, and I didn't ruin your makeup if you watched the video. 

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