Friday, 5 October 2012

She Did Some Shopping

Yesterday, after my college, I went into town with a friend. I saw an old Chinese lady standing alone in the middle of the square, feeding sea gulls. She wore an old supposed-to-be-white jacket, and she looked rather happy throwing bread at the birds. I wished that I had a good quality camera to capture that moment, but I didn't. So I'm thinking about getting a good camera now. Oh, and of course for making pictures of the stuff I bought afterwards, because I realized that I didn't want to end up in old supposed-to-be-white jackets. Click read more if you want to see what I bought!
Legging H&M 9,95

Legging H&M 19,95

Black Coated Pants H&M 39,95

 Grey jacket Mango 69,95

Lancome Hypnose Noir Hypnotic 01

(I'm really proud of the last picture, thank you very much Picasa haha!)

PS The prices are clickable, so you can take a closer look on the website, except for the mascara because you can buy it at several locations.


  1. great items!

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  2. love that mascara! Could you please consider following each other?