Tuesday, 30 October 2012

She Made A Wishlist

Wishlists. Wrong name, if you ask me. Actually they are To-Buy-Or-Not-To-Buy-lists, because no matter how hard you're wishing; Santa only gives presents in December, the falling stars don't care about our little 'needings' and the idea of Fairy Godmothers is just ridiculous (unless your parents called you Cinderella, then you're allowed to try). Throwing coins in a fountain might work, but you could also save that money to actually buy the things you're craving. Want to see my picks for the upcoming month November? 

1. A camera. I'm searching the web for days now but I still haven't decided which one it's going to be. I really love to make pictures of everything and now that I'm blogging I'm having a very good excuse to buy a fancy one. I'm currently taking pictures with my iPhone, which is fine but not great. I think I like the Canon camera's the best. Do you have any suggestions for me?

2. A skater skirt! They are just so freaking cute and great for fall; pair it with a legging and a cozy sweater and you're good to go! I tend to go for black or dark blue, because it's easy to combine. This one's from River Island.

3. Hunter rain boots. I mean, it's fall, right? I'm the type of girl who loves to jump into rain-puddles instead of walking around them, and these ones make that possible! Of course there are lots of rain boots on the market today but when you're wearing Hunters (or Supertrash, good alternative) you don't have to hide your feet once you've arrived at school.

4. Gloves! Every year I buy like three pairs of gloves and every year I lose them all.
I found this ones on Modemusthaves.com, and I really like the studs on them. The hat is from the same webshop, and I like how they go with the gloves. Pair it with a nice winterjacket and jeans and it makes your outfit a little bit more edgy.  

5. A while ago I spotted the suede heels from Tod's in the ELLE, and a few days later I ran into this pair from Invito, and I like them even better! I would rock them under a pair of black jeans and with a nice jacket, they're just great for that so called 'casual-chic' look.



6. I'm going to order this fantastic album from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I wanted to buy it in a CD-shop, but of course I came home empty handed. I know some people think it's crazy to buy an album these days, but sometimes I like to have something that I can 'touch' and will remain.

7. Jumpers, I love them. The first two are from Gina-tricot and a little bit boyish, I know. The 'wildcats' jumper is more edgy, it's a little bit destroyed underneath. I just love that kind of look! The third one from River Island is more like a joke, it's just too damn wroooooong. , I would totally wear this with Christmas!

8. The iPad Mini
Gadgets. Apple. Apple Gadgets. Oh boy, I was so glad that I still hadn't bought an iPad, and then they come up with THIS. The iPad Mini looks fancy, can do everything that an iPad does and ehh.. It's mini! Mini is equal to cute if you're a girl. 
Okay, let's get serious. I don't fall for marketings strategies. I've written an essay about Apple in the past, so I really do know something about their strategies. How 'smart' of Apple, the same product, only smaller. Is it worth buying? I might write a blogpost about the iPad Mini in the future, because I'm very curious. 

9. Glam Rock DIY, from River Island. I wanted to pimp my bag, and came across this Do It Yourself kit. Like!

10. Galaxy print, you either love it or hate it, and when it's on my wishlist, you do the maths whether I like it or not. I would wear this with a creamy knitted sweater, and black boots and name myself Aayla Secura. What? Don't know who that is? So you've never watched Star Wars? Men, you're geeky.

11. And last but not least, this black glittery wedges from, again, River Island. The reason I don't own a pair yet is because I didn't find THE ONES. But I love this pair and I'm already planning a trip to Amsterdam. 

I linked all the items to the web shops, you just have to click on the image. 
What's on your November wishlist?



  1. Leuke wishlist ! Maak jij al kans op een nail repair en een nail balsem van Trind ? http://www.beautybloglaura.com/2012/10/winactie-trind-nail-repair-nail-balsem.html xx

  2. Hele leuke wishlist! I love jumpers :)

  3. Ik ben zelf ook van plan om eind november (met mijn verjaardag) een spiegelreflexcamera aan te schaffen maar ik kom er ook maar niet uit welke het moet worden. Ik ben ook echt desperate op zoek naar mensen die me goed advies kunnen geven. Zelf denk ik ook dat het een canon word..

    1. Ik ook, ik kom er gewoon niet uit.. En ze kosten ook niet bepaald weinig dus je kunt er niet na een twee maand achter komen dat je liever een andere had gehad.. Gelukkig heb je nog een maandje om te beslissen!

  4. Amazing post!
    Would you like to follow each other?!



  5. Heerlijke wishlist! Het probleem is dat ze altijd zo lang worden haha :-)
    Zo'n skater skirt vind ik echt super!


  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! :)
    I follow you now!
    If you want we can follow each other on facebook!! let me know!! :)



  7. Leuke wishlist :) I loooove wellies too aha
    xoxo MissLeg

  8. loove your wishlist, I want most of the things too!!

    xx TraN

  9. whaaaaaaa, inlove met de hakken van invito en de truien! love your style

  10. Zo'n rokje wil ik ook nog hebben! ♥

  11. Nice jumpers! The weather in Mumbai isn't cold enough to wear such jumpers you know. :(