Thursday, 11 October 2012

She Has Current Beauty Favourites

I decided to show you the three beauty-products I use the most lately. They're in my stash for two months or something, and I can't live without them anymore. Take a peak! 

I bought my Bobbi Brown blush in Amsterdam (there's a Bobbi Brown counter in the Bijenkorf) where I've been helped perfectly. Since my skintone is a bit reddish, this colour neutralizes my face a bit. Sometimes I just lightly use it as a blush, sometimes as a shaper. I know that Bobbi Brown is a bit expensive (this blush costed me around 30 euros), but it's the whole 'bring out your natural beauty' concept I like. It's never too much, you know? 

My first - and definitely not my last - Benefit product! Girl Meets Pearl and High Beam are beautiful highlighters, Posietint is a beautiful liquid blush and the Erase Paste is a perfect under-eye concealer. I bought this palette because I wanted to test this products, but Benefit isn't very cheap (like 30 euro's per product) and I found this a great solution. I bought it at Sephora, and it was somewhere between 30 and 40 euros. They all contain enough product to find out if you want a full size or not. This palette just gives your face a beautiful touch-up, I'm using it almost every day! 

Ah, my handicapped Sleek Storm Palette. I dropped it once, as you can tell. One colour was broken, and since it was all over the place every time I opened it afterwards, I decided to just take the whole colour out. But, I'm still in love with it.  The pigmentation is just great, and except for the blue and orange colour I use them all. A friend of mine bought it for me in Arnhem, and when I'm not in a hurry in the morning I like to play with this beauty. Oh, and I'm now craving the Sleek Au Naturel palette! 



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  4. So many great products!

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  6. jeahhh de pan in sleek! Eigenlijk niet leuk, want dat betekend bijna op!

  7. Pretty! Die van Benefit lijkt mij ook wel tof om een keer gewoon uit te proberen. Nu nog 't naked palette ;)
    Leuke blog Lisa.

    (The Vampire Diaries is weer kijkbaar he! eindelijk)

    1. Dankjewel!! :) En ik heb de eerste aflevering al gekeken, man wat heb ik dat toch gemist!

    2. Whahaha echtwel. heerlijk om weer te kijken (:

  8. Aah dat benefit doosje lijkt me ook zo leuk he:D Die zou ik ook wel willen!;-)

  9. They're so lovely products!

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  10. I like so much this products, great post!!