Tuesday, 2 October 2012

She Has Seen Some Movies (September Edition)

One Day

One day (Who else goes immediately like "baby we'll be old.."? Damn you, Asaf Avidan) is a movie from 2011 with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. According to IMDB it's a 6.8-er, but I think that this movie deserves at least a 7.5, because it almost made me cry. Almost, because I was watching it with a friend, and I don't like to sob in front of other people. But I sure was having a hard time. 
This movie is about Emma and Dexter, the we-almost-had-sex-but-then-we-didn't-and-now-we're-friends kind of couple. I think that Anne is a rather likeable actress, and Jim is very handsome when his hair is short (once you've seen the movie, you'll know what I mean). The story follows this cute couple throughout the years, and although Dexter isn't very likeable at the beginning, you just know they are supposed to be. And then.. WHAM. Didn't see that one coming. I'm not going to spoil the ending for you guys, but believe me when I say that this is not your average happy-ending kind of movie.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

The dark knight rises (2012) is just epic. I loved Batman Begins, I absolutely adored The Dark Knight and this one was also pretty amazing (although it couldn't compete with TDK, but that has something to do with some great actor dying and becoming a legend and stuff) and I found Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Blake) a nice breath of fresh air! Oh, and of course Anne Hathaway as Selina, the stealing-badass-girl-in-sexy-leather (funny how Anne goes from Harmless Kitten in One Day to Catwoman, prrr) and the new bad guy: Tom Hardy as Bane. Once again Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has to protect the city of Gotham. But unfortunately for Gotham, Batman has retired. 
The story lines have been put together very neatly, and I really liked the (new) personages. But Batman also can be quit a bit overwhelming, because Christopher Nolan likes himself a lot of action in his movies. There was also a nice plot twist in this movie, which I did not see coming (but I almost never do.. So I wouldn't rely too much on my words). Nolan has tried to give Batman more depth, but I just wasn't buying it. But on the other hand, he did a great job with Bane and Blake. And who doesn't love Alfred? "Don't worry, Maastah Wayne. It takes a little time to get back in the swing of things." I recommend watching the other movies on forehand. IMDB says 8.8, and me agrees.

Laughing Out Loud 

LOL (2012) is the kind of movie that you've just watched and you're like "what the f did I just watch?" I'm always wondering if maybe I'm different from other teenage girls, if there is something missing in my mind, like a 'dumb-switch' or something. I keep on trying to put my 'dumb-switch' on, but after watching this movie I just wanted to slap the director of this movie (I shall not tell names) with a pillow. Because that would be all girly and cliché, and apparently, she likes it that way. 
This movie is about Lola (Miley Cyrus), and her best friend Kyle (Douglas Booth). Lola breaks up with her boyfriend Chad, and realizes that she's in love with Kyle. But, unfortunately for Lola, Kyle's in the same band as Chad, and things are getting not so much LOL for Lola between her and Chad ("You're a slut!" - "Why did I ever dated you?!" Yeah, you feelin' the drama?). Also, there is Lola's mum, Anne (Demi Moore), who is dating two guys, her ex-husband and a policemen, and 'accidentally' reads Lola's diary. Her mother realizes that she doesn't know anything about her rebel daughter, Lola thinks that Kyle has hooked up with Janice (Lina Esco) and there's also a little drama with Lola getting low grades and throwing a house party.

This movie gets a 3.4 on IMDB, I'll give it a 4.5. It's not that I hate Miley Cyrus (I loved her in The Last Song) or teenage movies in general, but I just think that the director has underestimated it. You can't just make a rip-off from another movie (click), make it a bit more innocent for the oh so innocent American teenagers and just throw it onto the screen. Nope, this one wasn't doing it for me.


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