Saturday, 13 October 2012

She's Taking Pictures (Photo Diary)

Here's a little sneak peak for you; I finally bought a new bag where even my laptop fits in!
Click 'read more' if you want to see crappy Youtube stuff, books, food, etcetera. 

I actually wanted to upload a hair-tutorial yesterday, but Youtube hates my guts. Look at this quality, I'm going to cry. I'm not uploading it, but I will try again this weekend and upload the tutorial on monday or tuesday.

My best friend at a Las Vegas party, I loved her hairpiece.

The main reason why the header of my blog is a tiger. This was my inspiration. The text is from a book, called Lost Girl (which I ordered after reading the first three chapters online). I always make pictures from good quotes, or write them down. I love reading (actually, give me a good book and I'm only physically joining this world until I've read the last word) and I thought that this was a great metaphor.

"I think it's like standing in a field, caught between a blind tiger and a healthy one. You can't watch them both. So you ignore the blind one. It doesn't know where you are; it can only try to sniff you out in the dark. You watch the other tiger, because it doesn't have to find you, it can see you. It can catch you with a single leap. I have always kept my eyes only on the healthy tiger. Until now."  

I tweeted the picture to the writer and, as you can see, I got a really nice reply from her :)

I bought the ELLE, I just couldn't resist that Kenzo sweater 

My guilty pleasure; these are raspberry's with white chocolate. De-li-cious.

Wearing one of my favourite t-shirts from the Zara.

The weather was unexpectedly nice for this time of the year; and I enjoyed every last minute of it. This lake was very, very beautiful.

I cooked dinner! Every two weeks I'm having dinner with my best friends; this time it was my turn to make something. Extremely low budget (student proof, ha) but it tasted great!

While I was sorting out pictures for this blogpost, I found one from last year, made at my work. Yeah, I slipped.
 (Juicy detail: I just mopped that floor myself.. )

I'm currently watching the new Vampire Diaries! After a long, long summer without Stefan, Damon and Elena. Season four.. I just can't believe that I'm watching this for four years already.

Hope you liked it!
I'm thinking about doing this kind of post every two/three weeks, should I?


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