Tuesday, 9 October 2012

She's Testing Youtube Tutorials

How to curl your hair without using any heat? Youtube has the answer. Since I was born a little sceptic, I decided to try one of these tutorials out. The tutorial I picked is from Makemeupology, which has over 620.000 views at the moment. It claims loose curls in two minutes, without using any heat. Sounds awesome, right? I tested it for you! 

Okay, the video. First, she gives us some tips and tricks:

Apparently, this tutorial isn't for people with straight hair. Which is quit strange if you ask me, since they are the ones who want curly hair the most, but lucky for me I happened to have a little bit wavy hair. I got the right elastics, took a shower before I went to bed, and waited until my hair was a mildly damp before following the tutorial.

Yeah, exactly my face when I saw myself in the mirror. Looks like I've got a beard going on, or something.  How charming. You should absolutely do this when your boyfriend's sleeping over. It was really easy to; it took me about two minutes. Like she claimed! So that part of the video was true. I went to bed like this, and dreamed my dreams for about seven hours.

The morning after

Normally I don't want to leave my bed, but as I was really excited to see the results, I jumped out of it and looked in the mirror. And felt like a 8 year old kid who just heard that he's going on a school trip to the museum instead of Disneyland: just slightly enormous disappointed.

This was what the girl from the video looked like the next morning:

And this is how I looked:

Yeah. I know. Not even close. My hair was still a little bit damp, and it was a little wavy, but you just can't call this curls. Not even loose ones. I used some hairspray and went to college. I waited until my hair was completely dry to take some pictures again. This was the result:

So, as you can see looks my hair a little bit wavy, but don't let it fool you! It's my own hair structure. The only change I see is at the front, two loose curls at both sides of my head. It's pretty, but it wasn't what the video claimed. My hair never has problem with a curling iron, so it's not like my hair just won't curl. I followed the tutorial exactly, so my conclusion is that it doesn't work.

For the people who are still interested in this tutorial:

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was really fun to make!