Friday, 19 October 2012

She Got A New Watch; Will She Be On Time Now?

I got a new watch! Curious? Take a look! 

Goodmorning! While you're reading this I'm on the train to Paris. 
Nah, I wish I was. Just on my way to Rotterdam, but it sure feels like Paris. It costs me almost four hours to get there! Anyway, I bought this rose-gold watch from IKKI, it came in a black little bag, and a pen to eventually remove a chain or add one when it doesn't fit. Easy to do yourself; really a plus! I also like that it's matte underneath, never seen that before. I combined it with my pink-gold skull bracelet (I personally don't mind combining different sorts of metals), which I think is a quite good match! 
Have a lovely weekend! 


PS. The title of this post? Ehm.. I'm not really that kind of person who's always on time.


  1. Ohmy, deze vind ik prachtig! Staat supermooi met het andere armbandje, ik denk ook met meerdere armbandjes, armcandyyyyy! :D

  2. Nice watch. How cool you got a pen with the watch :) x

  3. Wauw, wat een mooi horloge!

  4. Nice watch. :)

    P.S. What do you think about following each other?

  5. Mooie horloge!
    Maak jij al kans op een nail repair en een nail balsem van Trind ? xx

  6. Amazing watch! Love it!


  7. Oh my god, it's gorgeous! Moest even lachen om je Parijs-joke, geniaal. xD

  8. Gorgeous watch! Perfect accessory, which also useful ;)
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