Wednesday, 17 October 2012

She sees scarfs, hot chocolate and.. Kenzo!

We all know this sweater, right? I think it's save to say that this is thé musthave for fall 2012. They are everywhere! Here are some Kenzo inspiration pics, the Spring collection and things you need to know about this brand to be up-to-date! 

Kenzo Takada

What you need to know about Kenzo

The founder of this brand was Kenzo Takada, a Japanese fashion designer, who came to Paris (really, cliché much) after earning his diploma in 1964. After six years of hard working he achieved his first success; his first store 'Jungle Jap' opened, he had his own first big fashion show (in the Vivviene Gallery) and last but not least, one of his models appeared on the cover of the ELLE.

In 1983  he started his first menswear collection, and after five years he also created his first perfume, which was named Kenzo de Kenzo. In 2001 the first Kenzo skincare line was launched; but Kenzo Takada already left in 1999 and his assistants were in charge. In 2003 creative director Antonia Marras joined the brand, and in july 2011 Humberto Leon and Carol Lim and a fresh wind was blowing through the aisles of Kenzo Headquarters. 

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim
Their second fashion show was a great success and I think that it brought Kenzo to where it is today. Fashion bloggers picked their items up and now this brand is has become a hype. Yeah, I do think it's a hype. And the fashion bloggers are the reason for it. Not everyone agrees with this (great marketing strategy, fashion bloggers were just paid to wear it, I don't think that's true by the way, and so on). 
 Next fall there will be another brand which will fill in the gap. But until that moment, Kenzo is the King Of The Sweaters. (Or Queen, whatever you prefer.)


Elena Perminova wearing the famous sweater.
(This picture was the first I saw someone wearing it.)

The Blond Salad
Style Scrapbook

Dutch Elle October 2012

 And ofcourse, in different colors!

Rihanna wearing Kenzo sweater and hat.

The male fashion bloggers couldn't stay behind :)

What Kenzo brings us in the future
(Oh well, that means Spring 2013 in the fashion industry)

Cut outs

Tropical fever

Sweaters! Orange this time.
Animal prints

And of course the make-up!

They only used one color of eyeshadow, which surrounds almost the entire eye. I've seen orange, green and yellow. Flawless skin, some highlighter and neutral lipgloss, it's a very clean look! Nice job, Kenzo!

 I definitely like the wild style that Kenzo brings us, this collection seems to be inspired on the jungle and the savannah with a pop of bright colors.  What do you think? Will Kenzo be as much as popular this Spring?



  1. I think he will, he is Kenzo after all! He rocks! :)
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  2. Ik heb nooit eerder over Kenzo gehoord, ziet er wel leuk uit!

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  10. altijd leuk om te zien dat één kledingstuk op verschillende manieren gedragen kan worden (:

  11. Good and relevant post since every logger is wearing KENZO and is so on this brand now, what a massive love and embracing of the brand, good for them! Btw, since burgundy has become the new it color of the season, I decided to do a FULL ON burgundy outfit, check it out if you want to see just how far I'd take a trend color!

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